Paint Party Events

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About:  New Orleans artist Kristin Malone offers live, interactive painting events to channel your guests’ inner creativity. Choose from a large canvas that encourages all guests to make their mark on a collaborative piece of art or individual pieces that each guest can paint and keep as a special reminder of the event. Kristin pre-sketches each canvas and offers assistance so event-goers can get right to painting and having a good time.

Event Types:

Interactive Collaboration Canvas: Live event painting is great for grand openings, corporate events and weddings

Individual Adult Paint Party: Great for group events, cocktail parties, and team building events

Individual Kids’ Paint Party: Great for birthday parties, school events, and summer camps


Interactive Collaboration Canvas: Starting at $700
4 hours on-site in New Orleans to assist the event
Set up
Break down
Pre-sketched scene on a 40″ x 30″ canvas*
All Materials: easel, pallets, paint, brushes, drop cloth, paint table, etc
Additional Options/Fees:
-Smaller or larger canvases options (up to 96″)
-If the canvas is not completed by the end of the event, the artist can complete the canvas.
-Each additional hour on site is $50/hr
-Travel options are available.
-Options available if the client wants a duplicate of the same scene, but painted solely Kristin Malone.
*Client keeps the original interactive canvas
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(above photo credit: Paul Broussard)

New Orleans Live Painting. Great for team building activities.


New Orleans mural art by Kristin Malone

On-Site Individual Adult Painting Event: $30-$45/person (30 adults max, 10 adults min)
3 hours event in the New Orleans area to assist the event
30 min set up
40 min break down
Choose from 5 New Orleans inspired wood canvases
All materials for each guest: easels, pallets, paint, brushes, aprons, drop clothes for tables, bag for carrying art home.
Eventbrite link set up.
Additional Options/Fees:
-Special scenes available for a fee
-Travel options outside of New Orleans are available.

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New Orleans Paint Party at Kit & Ace

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New Orleans girls night idea


Outdoor event in New Orleans

artist kmalone
On-Site Individual Kids’ Painting Event: Starting at $20/child (10 child minimum)
sno-ball paint party

Robert sno-ball Perfect for a New Orleans kids’ birthday party idea.

45 min on-site in the New Orleans area to assist the event
Set Up
Break Down
Child friendly wood shape for painting.
All materials for each child: pallet paper, washable, non-toxic paint, brushes, aprons, drop clothes for tables, bag for carrying art home.
Additional Options/Fees:
-Special images available for a fee
-Travel options are available.