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The Color Teil

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A colorful coffee table book that is filled with coastal beach art and other fine art paintings that will inspire you and will make a great gift.

  • The Color Teil chronicles Teil Duncan’s artistic journey, displaying over three hundred full-color images of her work, including her most well-known pieces as well as those that are lesser known.

  • Her studies range from figure drawings and animals to beach and pool scenes. Inspiration comes in all sizes and shapes for Teil.

  • She has been enamored with creativity and art since she was a child, and she nurtured this passion throughout her education. Throughout this book, readers will become better acquainted with both the artist, as a person, and the art she creates. It is a vibrant, colorful journey that can only be described as: The Color Teil. 

  • 9 x 1.3 x 12 inches, 4.8 pounds

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