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Home Malone's House Floats - Why we're doing it and where to find us!

In 2021, for the first time in decades, Mardi Gras parades were cancelled due to the pandemic. With what seemed like a simple tweet by a local, the idea of The Krewe Of House Floats exploded and opened a pandora’s box of creativity and excitement in the city of New Orleans (and world wide). 

Home Malone has always been a supporter of local makers and small businesses. (Browse our online store to see the work of 200+ Southern makers!)  Since the day we opened our retail doors in 2016, we have been covered in paper carnival flowers made by a local artist that we also resell to the public - helping make ordinary homes look like house floats year-round. 

This year, we knew our normal "fun" store attire would need an upgrade to match the enthusiam of the new Krewe Of House Floats so we went BIG! Like true carnival style and tradition. 

We have worked with nearly a dozen different locally owned small businesses and local artists to create the looks at 3 New Orleans locations. You can find these properties here:

Home Malone Mid City (Complete)

Home Malone Magazine St (Complete)

Home Malone - Residential Home - Gentilly (Complete)