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Aromatherapy Roll On - 15ml

Aromatherapy Roll On - 15ml

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1/3 oz. roll on to use directly on skin. Travel size. Rub on temples, wrists, and/or nape of neck. Diluted at a rate of 3.33% so it is safe to use directly on skin. Made in Slidell, LA.

  • Headache Relief -- Another headache?! Peppermint is the main ingredient in this blend. Rub on your temples and/or the nape of your neck
  • Just Stressed! (a.k.a. Muscle Aches)-- Ease physical stress and achy muscles.
  • Sleep Helper If your sleeping problem is falling asleep, this will help. Lavender and lemon essential oils will help slow your mind.

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, a Cake Face blend of essential oils according to product. All ingredient listed on label and in individual product listing.