Cacao Shell Loose Tea

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Martha Washington's Cacao Shell Tea Tin - Loose Roasted Cacao Shells. 

Martha Washington enjoyed drinking cacao shell tea, which she made from roasted shells and sipped at breakfast. George Washington wrote to his agent, “She will, . . . thank you to get 20 Lbs of the shells of Cocoa nuts, if they can be had of the Chocolate makers."

Tasting notes: Aroma of toast before brewing. Steeping in hot water unleashes a tonic of chocolate. The brew yields a full-bodied, slightly bitter infusion with strong notes of chocolate, and light flavors of melon.  

Caffeine: Cacao shell tea is caffeine-free, but it does contain other natural stimulants.  

Brewing:  Suggested serving per 10oz cup:  2 tsp, 195 degrees.  Cacao shells take 10 minutes to infuse their full flavor.  

Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina.

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