Concrete Cheese Board

Concrete Cheese Board

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Each tray is sealed with food-safe sealer and finished with tung oil and Georgia beeswax to create a nice sheen and barrier between your charcuterie and cheese. Each tray is handcrafted and will be different and unique. Made in Atlanta, GA by Mona Does Concrete.

Over time, you will need to touch up your tray with beeswax. The sealer and wax provide resistance to staining but you will have some patina and character develop with use (which we love!). Backed with 4 pieces of rubber feet on each corner

Each piece comes with a beechwood wooden cheese knife that has a bird theme on it. One will be chosen at random but let us know if you have a request, and we will see what we have in stock.

Two sizes available:

  • Small: 8" X 6" X .5"
  • Large: 14" X 11" X 1"

To keep clean, wipe with some soapy water and towel. Do not place in dishwasher.