Sno-Ball To Go Paint Kit

Sno-Ball To Go Paint Kit

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Part of the popular #paintyournola paint part series hosted by Kristin Malone of Home Malone, there's now SnoBall To-Go paint set that's perfect for children 3 & Up.

Keep your kids occupied this summer as they paint their own wood SnoBall! Each kit includes a paint pot set that has 6 WASHABLE nontoxic colors, 2 paint brushes, 1 6" X 10.5" wood SnoBall cutout, 1 reusable kids' apron, and a napkin. 

Apron colors come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple and will be chosen at random.

Options for paint colors can be specified at checkout and are shown in the item pictures.

Option 1: Neutrals (black, white, brown, subtle pink, fuchsia, blue)

Option 2: Neons (apple green, orange, purple, coral, hot pink and soft blue)

Option 3: Primaries (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)