Solid Scent - APIS

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These handmade solid scent raises funds for bee health, 10% of proceeds are donated to the Pollinator Partnership.

As you wear and smell this heavenly scent throughout the day, you mimic the actions of the bee whose instincts are driven by scent.

APIS is a scent for all sexes, it's clean and musky tones are a bolder version of the Rigaud Cypress scent. APIS is  made of: 100% NOLA Beeswax (from Beehives in the 9th Ward), Fractionated Coconut Oil, & Rigaud Cypress Scent. 

Apply the solid scent on your skin as you wish, the beeswax base also acts as a moisturizer. The travel tins make it easy to bring along in your bag as well as to re-use.

These amazing scents come in a hand-stamped cotton bag, made in Kentucky of native cotton, with a 100% recycled paper detail card.

Handmade in New Orleans by our wonderful friends at XODO Botanicals


1 of every 3 bites of food that we take require pollination. Poor bee health is a rising epidemic, due to industrial farming & pollinating practices, disease, and pesticides.