My DIY Defeat

If the superstitions are true, I’m in for a lot of bad luck. We’ve all heard opening an umbrella indoors or a black cat crossing in front of you can bring bad luck. I really hope the one about breaking a mirror bringing you 7 years ofbad luck turns out to be an old wives’ tale.

Being the frugal, re-purposing addict that I am, I bought a mirror at the salvage yard. For $1/ft², you can’t beat it – or can you?

I figured if I can conquer the miter saw and router, cutting plate glassshouldn’t be a problem. Boy was I wrong. It seemed indestructible. I gotall the tools ready and followed all the instructions – but it wouldn’t snap.Well, never mind, it did snap – right down the center.


I tried getting another piece from the salvage yard, but having learned my lesson the hard way, I brought it to a glass cutting house. I brought it home and as I’m getting it out of my truck – clipped it on my car door. You guessed it, cracked again.

Lots of bad luck.

After another mirror and another cut, the mirror ended up costing more than if I just paid for it brand new. I was defeated by a mirror!

Anyway, enough of my mirror drama…

I had an old door without the glass pane and 3 holes drilled in the side.

I used a hole saw bit to make 2 wood cutouts to fill the top two holes. I covered it up with an antique knocker I found at the flea market.


I chose a old door knob from my small collection to fill the last hole.


I installed the mirror in the door by removing the trim on the backside of the door. I replaced the trim with a pneumatic nail gun and 2 inch finishing nails.


I’m debating whether or not to put coat hooks on the sides. This would make a great entry-way coat rack/leaning mirror.

– Kristin


** First Posted 08-02-2011