Home Malone Artist Application

What does it take to be a Home Malone artist?

  • We are always looking for new products made in the Deep South. That includes: TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, NC, and FL. 
  • Items must be designed AND produced in the Deep South. Our focus is to support as many local businesses as possible. That includes manufactures for reproduction works from southern artists. 
    • We understand some of the initial products can be produced overseas (canvases, towels, jewelry chains, vessels for candles, etc), but we look to make sure the final product is produced in the Deep South.
  • Does the item fit in with our curation? There are SO many wonderful products made in the south, but we make sure it flows well with our current style, offerings and doesn't compete with another artist in store. Please take the time to visit our store (physical location or browse online) to see if you work will compliment the selection in both aesthetic, quality, and price point. 

If you think your product meets the above requirements:

  1. E-Mail us a line sheet, an Etsy link, or a few photos of your product.
  2. Your wholesale cost and retail cost.
  3. Minimum order quantities, first order and re-order minimums.
  4. The turnaround time for products.
  5. Any holiday order cut-off dates. 

We do our best to be respectful of other local businesses, too. Please let us know if you're work is in any nearby stores. 

We are a small store with approximately 800 sf of retail space. Art is best displayed when it's given it's own space to shine. There may be a waitlist for certain products types.