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Fred Visits The Coast Children's Book

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Fred the frog and his friends from the Apple Bunch Books are back. The pals are headed south to Florida with a happy mix of excitement and anticipation about their trip to see and explore the Emerald Coast.


Follow along as what begins as a relaxing vacation discovering the natural beauty and wonders of Florida, turns into an adventure-filled voyage where Fred finds the hero within himself.


Along the way, Fred and the beloved cast of characters from Apples for Fred and Tator’s Big Race, meet new and interesting friends who come through when Fred needs them most.


In the latest adventure, Fred learns he not only has true friends at home, but also the wonderful new friends from his adventure to the amazing coast of Florida.

Author: Diane Shapley-Box

9×12 Hard Cover

48 pages printed on high quality paper

Ages 3-7

Printed in the USA on quality lead free paper and ink  


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