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MUTTS: A Celebration of Mystery Mixed Breeds

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MUTTS is a photographic celebration of mystery mixed breeds. If you've ever loved a bonafide mutt, you know that they're some of the best, most loyal dogs ever.

MUTTS features more than 100 really cute pups from all different origins and breeds, photographed by Olivia Grey Pritchard. Each photo is accompanied by the pooch's name and best guess of breed mix, and list a unique trait about them. MUTTS aims to inspire joy and connection when readers look through these photographs. And for people who haven't considered adopting a rescue pet before, this book shows that mutts have just as many unique, lovable, and desirable qualities as pedigreed dogs.

Olivia's mission with this book is to call attention to the heartbreaking fact that according the ASPCA, over half a million dogs are euthanized in US shelters each year, and to encourage more rescue adoptions. In addition to hopefully fostering more love for mutts, a portion of the proceeds from the book are being donated to organizations that rescue and spay/neuter, including Take Paws Rescue, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Zeus' Place, Greta's Ark Animal Rescue, Trampled Rose Rescue, and the LASPCA.

Written & Photographed by: Olivia Grey Pritchard

Publication date:    09/20/2022
Pages:    240
Product dimensions:    10"(w) x 10"(h) x 1"(d)

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