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The Big Book of King Cake

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A big book of high quality photos featuring King Cakes made by dozens of bakeries in New Orleans and surrounding areas. The traditional dessert that is served between Twelfth Night and Mardi Gras day.

  • "I once ate more than eighty king cakes in a single Carnival," author Matt Haines proudly remembers, demonstrating his dedication to this delicious Mardi Gras tradition. "So you can imagine how amazed I was to learn there has never been a coffee table book dedicated to king cakes!" 

  • The Big Book of King Cake changes that with beautiful photography of more than one hundred and fifty unique king cakes, as well as stories from the diverse and talented bakers who make them.

  • While king cakes are typically only available during Carnival season, readers can enjoy this book year-round. From the traditional cakes generations of New Orleanians have loved, to the unconventional creations that break all the rules, this book is your guide to the Crescent City's favorite baked good. 

  • This is the perfect gift for  anyone who loves food, history, sweets, culture, and of course, New Orleans. 

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