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The Artist

Life is short. Very short. Do what you love and love what you do!

My life began in the shadow of an expiration date. The night I was born, news of my birth was followed by news of malignancy as mom was given a new due date. She prayed to live long enough see her three girls grow up and miraculously, the grace of God kept her alive. Under the pressure of a ticking clock, we grew up quick as she taught us everything we needed to know to survive on our own. She was quirky, witty, weird, and was everywhere we went. Until one day she wasn’t. She was 48.

Life continued at seventeen. There was gaping hole in my world but life wasn’t hard. She prepared me for that, too. I worked hard and succeeded at what I thought was the answer to having that normal life: a business degree, a comfy office job, my own house. I almost forgot that life is short.

After 10 years of succeeding in my “normal world” I realized I was working in someone else’s dream. I wasn’t succeeding at being me. The paint brushes, tools and creativity came out little by little. I viewed my comfy office job as a fundraiser, while I chased my part-time dreams at night. Three years later, my dreams became full-time.

There are days I have no idea what I’m doing or what direction I’m taking my business. Confidence comes in knowing that if I were given a life sentence tomorrow, I’d be okay with that. I had the opportunity to chase my dreams, and I did. Even if it was only for a moment in this short life of ours.

So, do what you love and love what you do.