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Louisiana Night Before Christmas

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Louisiana Night Before Christmas

By Rickey E. Pittman

Illustrated by Alexis Braud

Oh no! Christmas is in danger!

Down in the swamps of Louisiana, Papa Noël has a big problem. He’s hit his head and forgotten who he is. How will the good boys and girls of Louisiana get any presents this year? 

Not to worry, the critters of the bayou are here to help! Mama Noël puts the animals to work alongside the elves to finish the toys and pack this bayou Santa’s rather unique sleigh. The nutria, raccoon, pelican, and even the Catahoula have important roles to play in making sure that Christmas still comes to Louisiana this year. Working throughout the night, using every paw, wing, fin, flipper, and feather, Mama and her krewe travel up and down the state, guided by levee bonfires and determination. Mama’s team of animal helpers are rewarded for their hard work with some delicious local treats, for everyone in the Bayou State knows that we don’t leave out cookies for Santa and his elves. The Christmas krewe prefers pralines and a plate of red beans (or maybe a hot bowl of gumbo). Local children and their parents will love this new take on Christmas, with humorous references to what makes this time of year so special in Louisiana.

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