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Private Events

Private event information for the Paint Your NOLA events.

Updated March 2022

General information*:
Starting cost per person is $45. There is a 10 person minimum OR $450 minimum booking charge in the event there is less than 10 attendees. This booking charge includes the ticket price for the first 10 attendees. Booking host handles all ticket payments and sales. Event start times can occur 9am through 6pm to ensure no event ends too late in the evening. 
There is no charge to use the Home Malone event space which is located on the second story of our 629 N Carrollton Ave location. We can host up to 15 people in our space. Home Malone provides use of the following during the event:
  • Table & Chairs 
  • 2 adjoining rooms
  • Up to 3 hours hours in the space for painting event. Event typically starts 20 mins after official start time to allow for late guests, parking, etc. 
  • All materials and supplies needed to complete the painting

We can travel to an off-site event space, secured and/or paid for by booking host, in the metro New Orleans area. We provide supplies needed to complete the design for up to 30 people including the cut-out design, table cloths, paint brushes, easels, aprons, paint, palettes, napkins, and paint water cups. We can provide tables and chairs for up to 15 people at a fee. 

Home Malone requires one design to be chosen and booking to be no less than 10 days in advance. Once a date is agreed upon, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date. Date will be secured upon receipt of deposit. 

A final headcount for the event is required 7 calendar days prior to event. At this time, a full, non-refundable balance of payment for the event is requested and due no later than 2 calendar days prior to the event. We are not responsible for attendees who do not show. 

There are several designs to choose from created by New Orleans artist Kristin Malone. They are vectorized and UV printed on a weatherproof board. All designs are copyrighted. 

  • Barracks St. Shotgun House - 3 hour event
  • Uptown Shotgun House - 3 hour event
  • Streetcar - 3 hour event
  • Pelican - 2.5 hour event
  • Crab - 2.5 hour event
  • Magnolia - 2.5 hour event
  • Parade/Float - 3 hour event
  • King Cake - 2.5 hour event
  • Iris - 2.5 hour event
  • Fleur De Lis - 2.5 hour event
  • Flamingo - 2.5 hour event
  • Storyland Cinderella Pumpkin - 2.5 hour event
* All information is subject to change at any time without notice. Information provided above is not guaranteed until deposit is received. 
Rates for events held at retail stores, corporate and fundraising events may vary. Please contact us for more information.
  • Can I choose more than one design per party? We *only* offer more than one design when you choose the Shotgun House option (Uptown House + Barracks House). All other designs have different teaching techniques that are specifically covered in the duration of the party. 
  • Can I request a custom design? We do not offer custom designs for parties with less than 40 attendees.
  • Do you sell the adult paint kits individually? We do. While we enjoy these events because they encourage a community gathering during small events and being social outside of social media we were able to create some at-home kits for you to enjoy. Please contact us to find out more.  
  • Is Home Malone retail store an option for the events? Yes! We can fit up to 15 guests in our upstairs event space at 629 N Carrollton Ave. 
  • Does Home Malone provide snacks, refreshments, plates, cups and/or utensils for private events? No. These are provided by the booking party/attendees. Home Malone will provide adequate space and ice/wine bucket for snacks and refreshments. 
  • Do you provide table and chairs? Home Malone can provide tables and chairs for use for up to 15 people at no charge for events held in our retail space. A small fee may be charged for table/chair use for off-site events. 
  • Does Home Malone offer off-site events? Yes, we can travel to you at not cost in the New Orleans/Metairie area. A travel fee may apply depending on location outside of our travel zone. 
  • How many people can attend a paint party? 15 people can fit in our event space. We can teach up 30 people at off-site, non-corporate events. 30 is the max amount to ensure each person gets adequate attention from the instructor throughout the event. Any events with 30+ attendees may incur an extra fee for additional instructors. 
  • How long do the events last? 2.5-3 hours for the event depending on the design. Off-site events require a 30 min set up prior to the event and 30 min break down time after the event. 
  • How soon do we need to book? *We are currently averaging approximately 2 weeks in advance to book.* Given that the date you are looking to book is available, we require a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event date to book event along with a $100 deposit. Final headcount is required 10 days prior to the even to secure materials.
  • What ages can attend? Children as young as 5 years old have attended and excelled! Your inner artist is ageless! Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or if the child is attending by themselves, a waiver must be signed prior to the event. On occasion, alcohol is present at the event and will not be available to any participant under the age of 21. 
  • Can the painted designs be displayed outside? Yes! They are on a weatherproof board that is perfect for a door hanger, decor for your porch, and any indoor display - whether on an easel or hung on your wall. We do recommend a UV protective spray if displayed outside in an area with a lot of sunlight.