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The Eat Fit Cookbook

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Louisiana is hardly known for its healthy fare, but dietitian and food lover Molly Kimball and her Eat Fit team are revolutionizing restaurants throughout the state. Now Molly is bringing these recipes into our own kitchens. The Eat Fit team has collaborated with chefs and restaurateurs across Louisiana to create these flavorful meals, which are designed to fuel your strongest, healthiest life. Featuring more than 90 tasted and tested recipes from Eat Fit partner restaurants, The Eat Fit Cookbook proves that the delicious choice is now the healthy choice.

About Ochsner Eat Fit | Molly Kimball, registered dietitian with Ochsner Fitness Center, takes the guesswork out of dining out healthfully. The Ochsner Eat Fit initiative encourages chefs to offer nutritious, delicious meals for those who want to eat clean, watch their weight, and manage diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Look for the Eat Fit seal on menus at your favorite restaurants statewide.

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