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Cat Food Sticker

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Does being hungry give you the attitude of a cat? This funny "where is my food?" sticker is great for your reusable food containers or water bottle. 

This sticker feels great to the touch. It's smooth matte finish makes it great to put on almost anything: laptops, skateboards, water bottles, cars, phones, tablets, guitar cases, your sister's forehead, etc.

• SIZE - Approximately 3 in X 3 in
• MATERIAL - Thick, scratch-resistant vinyl with a protective laminate. Matte finish.
• DURABLE - Water and Weatherproof. Dishwasher safe. Designed to handle exposure to wind, rain, snow and sunlight.
• PACKAGING - Packaged on a sturdy card backer to prevent bending.

Waterproof and scratch-resistant to withstand dishwashers and busy lifestyles.

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