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Cherish 12oz Candle

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This light, refreshing Oak Moss Scent raises funds for supporting some of New Orleans' most cherished cultural traditions: Mardi Gras Indians, Baby Dolls, Skull and bone gangs, and Jazz funerals.

10% of proceeds are donated to the Backstreet Cultural Museum, who are dedicated to protecting and perpetuating New Orleans' unique culture. As New Orleans has become a more expensive place to live, many of the people that make our city what it is have found it more and more difficult to afford living here thus endangering its unique culture.

This lovely scent is reminiscent of the scents you notice while walking the streets of New Orleans - Oak Moss with a litttle hint of Sweet Olive in there too.

These 12 oz. candles have a 50 hour burn time. They are hand poured into recycled glass jars and made of a blend of local beeswax / U.S. grown eco soy. 

The candle's label is made of 100% recycled paper and designed to be easily removed in order for the recycled glass jars to easily be reused once the candles have burned away.

Dimensions: 5" Height, 3" Diameter

Care Instructions: Please burn candles for at least one hour for the first lighting in order to maintain a consistent and even burn for the life of the candle.