Tator's Swamp Fever Children's Book

Tator's Swamp Fever Children's Book

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Fred the Frog and his buddies buddies are packing up and heading to the swamp for for an emergency rescue mission. Tator’s mom has not been feeling well and doesn’t know what to do. Eager to join their friend Tator on his trip to the swamp, Fred, Perdie and Cabbit hope to help find a way for his mother to feel like her healthy, happy self.

During their travels to the bayous, the pals encounter interesting creatures and unusual plants. With help from a wise albino alligator, they may be able to solve the mystery of what is ailing Tator’s mom and find the cure to bring her back to health fast!

  • 9x12" Hard Cover - First Edition. 

  • 48 Pages

  • Recommended Age: 3-7 

  • Printed in the USA on quality lead free paper and ink

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